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Round-log houses

What makes round-log houses special? This style of wooden houses is favoured by people with Russian background, who have already lived in such houses with their parents or grandparents.

A house made of round logs, especially of a larger variety, makes you confident that it is capable of protecting its owner and their family from any bad weather and can take care of health and comfort of its inhabitants.

When building handcrafted wooden houses, you will not see straight lines in a house, because every log maintains its tapered shape, so you will easily guess its crown and base upon closer inspection. Nature itself does not possess perfectly straight lines, therefore, in a house crafted by hand humans feel themselves more at ease.

Building wooden houses from logs is not a recent development; our great-grandfathers built houses in this way in the old days. While remaining the same at its core, the construction method has undergone a number of improvements. Round-log houses do not only look attractive, they are also durable without losing any of their qualities during their lifespan.

General view of the building


Russian method


Canadian notch

Specifics of round-log house construction

What wood should be used for house construction? The density of wood first of all depends on the soil that it grows on and the climate. The soil affects its density more than the climate. The average harvesting age of wood is 80-100 years - this is the amount of time a tree needs to reach a required diameter. The construction largely utilises pinewood. We build some houses from spruce; these houses are made of logs with a large diameter exceeding 36cm and sometimes comprise long logs exceeding 6m. Wood moisture is the same in summer and in winter, but it is better to build from winter wood. The ideal construction wood is dry, regardless of wood species. Unfortunately, the only way to dry round logs is natural drying, which will take 1-2 years in order for the logs to reach the moisture content of 20-25%. When building a house from cedar, it is necessary to remember that it takes minimum 2 months for newly cut logs to be delivered to the construction site; that is why it is important to schedule cedar wood shipment for winter in order to avoid wood discolouration. There are no restrictions for larch wood. We recommend: logging from November to June.

Technology, how to build? We usually make an ordinary moon-shaped groove with an undercut for insulation for 28-34cm diameters. The corner joint system can be with or without an internal tongue. Notches can be located just above (Canadian) or above and below (diamond). The external notches affect only the exterior look of a house, they have influence on the shrinkage technology. The external notches affect only the exterior look of a house, they have no influence on the shrinkage technology. It is best to use Robert W. Chambers’ Canadian technology for diameters exceeding 34cm. W-shaped groove, cutting larger grooves at log ends for every log row at certain heights, using Underscribe (gap inside a notch) and Overscribe (gap at butt ends) gaps make it possible to take into account the reduction of log diameter during shrinkage. We recommend: for diameter between 28cm and 34cm, Canadian notch with a tongue, moon-shaped groove, internal insulator not less than 20mm thick. When the diameter exceeds 34cm, W-shape groove, foam packing and soft insulator, every log row has log end grooves at required heights.

There are three ways to construct a log house:

After the log structure is mounted onto the foundation, we recommend installing a permanent roof and letting the log house to settle for one year. During this time, it is possible to install electrical wiring, plumbing and heating, do grinding. While the house settles, the main requirement is to provide maximum ventilation without heating. Exterior walls should be coated with an antiseptic to protect the house from ultraviolet light and precipitation.

The durability of a log house directly depends on how well it complies with the technology of wooden log house construction, which includes selecting logs in accordance with certain parameters, antiseptic treatment, proper hewing of grooves and notches, precise vertical setting of angles

During the construction, it is necessary to consider factors, which influence the reliability, durability and quality of a log house that you have decided to buy. If you choose the North House company, you may rest assured that every stage of construction will be executed correctly. Our craftsmen have an extensive work experience and expertly perform all technical operations.

Given our substantial experience in wooden house construction, we are certain that we can build a reliable wooden log house for you and advise you how to avoid any possible mistakes during the construction, and so to build a house at a lower cost.

Frame house

The walls of a frame house resemble a sandwich. Thermal insulation is Rockwool. Various finishing materials are used to sheathe the exterior and the interior in accordance with the architectural design.

Round-log house

Traditional Russian style, diameters ranging from 280mm to 450mm. Canadian notch. The distinctive features of a round-log house include environmental friendliness, excellent thermal insulation, natural ventilation and durability.

Two-edged cant house

All interior and exterior walls, gables are made of two-edged cant with 210-250mm thickness. Such style is common in Norway. The distinctive features of a two-edged cant house include environmental friendliness, superb thermal insulation, natural ventilation, durability and convenience of the interior living space.

Log frame house

Purely Canadian type of construction. The ground floor - handcrafted log structure, W-shaped groove, Canadian notch. The first floor – non-shrinking frame structure.

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