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If you want to calculate the cost of log shell, you should multiply the area of the house indicated in designs by 200 euro. Thus, you will get the cost of round-edge cant log shell (thickness 21 cm) or round log shell (log diameter 26-30 cm). To get the cost of assembly works on your foundation, multiply the same area by 2 500 rubles. Final price of the log shell depends on the wall height, the number of inner walls, diameter and tree kind.

We will try to satisfy your demands depending on your requests and finances. You can order the log shell in simple or extended set and it will not impact the quality of the house.

If you want the cheapest log shell, get the house of damp logs with diameter 26-30 cm without inner walls, 2 meters high. Such log shell will cost approximately 6000 rubles per square meter. Though we build turn-key ready houses, you can still order only log shell and do all interior works yourself.

Specifications for manufacturing round log shell

Specifications for manufacturing round-edge cant shell

Standard set of timber house includes

  • - Making up design documentation
  • - Cut outside and inside walls of round log or round-edge cant
  • - Barking
  • - Dubbing with power planer
  • - Cutting the log by Canadian or Norwegian technology (notch with a tongue/or without a tounge)
  • - Floor girders for the first floor made of round log or square log depending on the style of the house
  • - Shape of cones according to design
  • - Cut gable ends
  • - Installation of skid systems and its finishing according to roof angle
  • - Wall chases and gable ends chases for assembling ceiling board
  • - Window and door openings sawed according to design sizes with apron
  • - Sawed chases in window and door openings for installing ledger strip for fixing casing
  • - Finishing window and door openings for installing apron
  • - Preservation treatment for hidden surfaces (notches, grooves)
  • - Drilled openings for dowels in the walls
  • - Steel nails for logs tightening and fixation
  • - Disassembly, packing and loading onto your vehicle

Assembly cost

  • - Unloading the structure at home site
  • - Crane work for whole assembly period
  • - Check of foundation shape
  • - Set of ledger strips into window and door openings
  • - Laying between-joisting sealant
  • - Steel nails
  • - Dowels
  • - Installation of ledger strips into window and door openings
  • - Territory cleaning

Assembly does not include:

  • - Power supply
  • - Construction of access roads
  • - Arrangement of construction site
  • - Security at the site

The cost of each project also includes

  • -Cost of automatic crane within unloading and assembly of the logs.
  • -Checking the geometry and assembly of the first row of four logs.
  • -Set of ledger strips into window and door openings
  • -Set of timber dowels
  • -Assembly of the log shell
  • -Driving in the dowels with 10-15% allowance in opening depth
  • -Laying between-joisting sealant (adjusting between-joisting sealant into the groove of the upper log)
  • -Painting of the hidden surfaces (grooves, notches) before logs preservation treatment
  • -Assembly of floor girders
  • -Installation of ledger strips into window and door openings.
  • -Territory cleaning

you can order:

  • - Delivery of the log shell to foundation
  • - Arrangement of construction site
  • - Delivery of temporary cabin, chemical toilet
  • - Arrangement of power supply and lighting
  • - Preservation treatment and painting of the whole structure within assembly
  • - Grinding of the log structure
  • - Carved supporting posts
  • - Casing and its assembly
  • - Stairs
  • - Aprons (simple and carved)
  • - Hidden electric wiring

Elements of the timber house

    • 1Foundation
    • 2Waterproofing of the first row of four logs
    • 3Waterproofing of the floor on the ground floor
    • 4Floor beams of the ground floor
    • 5Floor insulation of the ground floor
    • 6Floor covering on the ground floor
    • 7Floor covering on the porch and on the balcony
    • 8Terrace fencing
    • 9Supporting post of the terrace
    • 10Cut walls
    • 11Between-joist sealant
    • 12Entrance door
    • 13Window
    • 14Aprons
    • 15Interior door
    • 16Outdoor stair
    • 17Indoor stair
    • 18Supporting post in the interior
    • 19Shrinkage compensator
    • 20Floor girders
    • 21Ceiling covering on the ground floor
    • 22Beams of the attic floor
    • 23Heat insulation for the floor in the attic
    • 24Floor covering in the attic
    • 25Cut fencing of the balcony
    • 26Decorative balusters
    • 27Cut gable ends
    • 28Log skids
    • 29Ridge beam
    • 30Roof trusses
    • 31Finishing boarding of the roof
    • 32Heat insulation for the roof
    • 33Roofing cover

  • - Included in the house cost
  • - Not included in the house cost

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