What does a project represent?

A house project allows us to see a future house on paper, create a layout based on the requirements of a specific client, and decide on a house design and and its exterior.

Wooden house projects include:

• General information
• Architectural solutions
• Structural solutions
• Ground floor plan
• Attic floor plan
• Roof covering plan
• Four facades of the house
• Sections
• Specification and installation outline of window and door openings
• Specification of casing
• Specification of extended element sketching
• Outline of bearing of a wooden overlap on the wall
• Outline of gable geometry of the log frame
• Outline of roof timber fastening
• Installation outline of bearing posts
• Floor legend
• Сeiling details
• Roofing details
• 3D projections
• Mounting arrangement of log poles and ridge purlins
• Mounting arrangement of truss principals
• Plan of foundation support

We build wooden log houses and design wooden structures. The design process means foremost a development of a unique architectural concept and an exclusive design that will make a country house and its interior original and aesthetically distinct. Be it a dwelling house or a bathhouse, we will help you to create a building that will meet all your needs and requirements. If our catalogue of houses does not offer exactly what you need, you can always choose an existing project and make it smaller or bigger or, alternatively, select any house that you have seen online and request an original inner layout that we will develop specifically for you.

Our project gives an opportunity to see a future house in full detail, wisely plan all stages of construction, work out all materials and avoid any possible mistakes during the construction of a wooden house. As a result of working with an architect you will get a house that is unlike any other. It will comply with your ideas of comfort and cosiness and will suit the landscape of your land.
The basis of our work lies in the professional knowledge that is based on global and our own experience in the field of architecture and design. High level of expertise of our specialists allows us to take on projects of varied complexity and complete them to the highest standards, successfully and on time.

Every house that we build is an embodiment of realised dreams and wishes of a specific person and his or her family. We take an individual approach to every client. We do everything to make our customer feel at ease at all times. Our architects will take all your wishes into consideration: as well as positioning the house in accordance with the existing landscape, they will create a project of a wooden house that will reflect your understanding of comfort and beauty, all in accordance with the highest standards of wooden house construction.
You can control all stages of the house construction with the help of your own requirements specification or alternatively hire an independent expert, who specialised in wooden house construction.

You can also acquire one of our completed projects of wooden houses or bathhouses or make changes and add to our existing basic project that you like.

Upon the request for a wooden house construction, you will get its project for free.

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We are open to dialog and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us, we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

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