Round-log timber house.
Pine house 117.3


Living room: 22.5
Bathroom: 5.4
Hallway: 12.9
Entrance hall: 4.1
Kitchen: 7.2
Hallway: 20.3
Bedroom: 21.7
Balcony: 6.3
Bedroom: 12.1
Balcony: 4.8
Material: Logs 28-30cm in diameter

All areas are measured along the inner perimeter of the walls. Total area includes a terrace.

All projects available on our website have been designed to meet specific customer’s requirements and needs. If you like any particular project, you can place an order with our company for a complete package.

Alternatively, we can change an inner layout and an exterior view of a timber house, based on the project of your choice.

The production cost of a new project is 200 rubles per 1m2 of the total area.

Type of building: House

Material: Pine

Type of structure:
Round-log House

Total area: 117.30 sq.m.

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