Company «North House» is a joint Russian Hungarian venture that manufactures handcrafted timber houses. We work with qualified dealers from Germany, Norway, Hungary as well as with individual clients. We offer log structures of any complexity.

Our company has a conformity certificate of international quality standard EMI №А-206/2008-1.
  • Frame houses by Norwegian technology have survived in severe Norwegian climate. Expressive and remarkable design as well as the interior are the main features of these houses. Combination of carved posts and finishing materials can fit into different environment and climate conditions.

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  • Russian cabins and saunas were traditionally log constructions. Round log is the material with long historical background and such valuable features as long life time and ecological compatibility but also traditional character and unique hand style.

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  • Round-edge cant houses compared to other types of timber constructions have plain inside and outside walls. They are comfortable in service and have larger interior space keeping at the same time all the attributes of natural timber.

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  • When designing a timber house and especially its interior, various solutions may be used, like combination of round-log structure on the ground floor and timber-frame non-shrinking structure on the first floor, application of round-log trusses and so on.

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Our mission is to deliver and build timber houses and saunas of the highest standard of quality and finish.


Individual approach to each customer independent of the house size:


  • I Individual design. Call us time and place, and our architect will visit you to discuss design details and approve the documentation for building a log house.
  • II Logging and preliminary timber drying. Preliminary logging of winter wood for winter house building. Sorting timber by diameter according to the contract. Drying of round-edge cant in drying chambers and natural drying (seasoning). Arrangement and delivery of Siberian larch and cedar.
  • III Developing and approving specifications for construction. If you have additional requirements and requests to specifications for log structure, company «North House» will be glad to offer you development and approval of individual specifications for construction. This document will be an integral part of the main document package for timber house.
  • IV Convenient location of construction site. Construction sites of our company are just in five minute drive from belt highway. This condition will give you an opportunity to control production process from laying out the log structure for timber house to its delivery. You will see that we follow contract conditions, adhere to quality parameters and construction terms.

Construction under shelter

Good timber house can be built only under shelter. There is no impact from atmospheric precipitation when the timber house is built under shelter, wood remains dry and its humidity already starts to decrease.

Construction process

We are open to dialog and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us, we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

We are waiting for you at our construction sites daily from 9 a.m. To 6 p.m.
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tel: 8 (812) 438-07-67 (additional: *1 in tone mode)
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