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Construction of country houses

Wooden construction: a seasonal house or a country home?

Modern wooden houses meet diverse requirements and at times fulfill completely different functions. Nowadays durable timber and sturdy logs are used to build compact summer houses with open verandas, cosy and warm cottages, and spacious residential complexes with bathhouses and guest annexes. At the forefront of this diverse group of buildings are certainly wooden seasonal and country houses - seemingly different building types, which resemble each other more and more with every passing year: for some people people a “seasonal house” and a “country house” have long become interchangeable concepts. What is behind each of these definitions? Is there a substantial difference between them that you should be aware of when choosing a suitable project of a wooden house? This is what we will try to figure out here.

Primary purpose of a house

According to a fairly common opinion, the fundamental difference between a seasonal house and a country house lies in their functions: we usually associate the former with summer holidays, growing produce and a simple way of life, while the latter ordinarily stands for year-round living in comfortable conditions, which are no different from urban ones. In reality, everything is somewhat different, especially when it comes to building a turnkey wooden house: modern technologies make it possible to implement solutions for any task, while taking into account the individual preferences of a client. A summer house can be designed in such a way, so that a part of it would be ready to house guests in winter if necessary; a project of a country house can include special utility room and open areas for living and relaxation (a summer kitchen, a terrace, a veranda, and so on), As a rule, a modern wooden house is capable of fulfilling several functions at once, being both a cosy home and a place for relaxation, suitable for temporary as well as permanent residence. Many factors - for example, utilities (water supply, heating, internet, etc.), a decorative finish or a floor plan - depend on the function of the building as well as the budget for the project.

Specifics of use

Wooden architecture involves the construction of durable and ergonomic houses regardless of the their purpose: even if a building is used only three months per year, it should impeccably fulfil its function. Requirements for a seasonal house and a year-round house are quite different: as a result, so are the construction approaches. First of all, you should consider the ways, in which you are going to use a house, as for some people a country house serves as just a place to spend holidays and weekends, while for others an ordinary seasonal cottage is a real second home. Whether you are going to build a summer house, a country house, perhaps, a cottage or a mansion, there are questions that you should ask yourself in advance, including:

  • How often are you going to use your prospective house? What time of the year?
  • What will its primary purpose be? Secondary?
  • How much time are you going to spend inside/outside?
  • What types of utilities will you need? What will perhaps be unnecessary?

The answers to these questions will give you the most detailed picture of your prospective house; they will tell you how to design an interior, set up a heating system, create a desired microclimate and living conditions. Both a seasonal cottage and a country house can become an ideal place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as a comfortable home - in the end, it is not the name that matters, but the content!

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