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Wooden house pricing

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How much does a house cost? What does a price of a log house consist of and what influences the final amount? The final figure becomes apparent after the elaboration of the project. The minimum price for the construction of a log house on our site starts from 12.000 rubles. for 1 sq.m. The cost of mounting a log building on a finished foundation - 3000 rubles. for 1m². Delivery is calculated and paid separately.

Cost of wooden house construction

The cost of a house consists of the expenses required at each separate stage of the construction. Ideally, the work is preceded by engineering geological surveys of the site. Based on the conclusion of a specialist, the location of the house on the site and the type of foundation are selected. When developing an individual project, the orientation of the building with respect to the cardinal directions is taken into account, the foundation, frame, utility systems are worked out in detail.

How to optimise construction expenses

However, it is not necessary to choose the most expensive way of building a wooden house in order to get a decent result. If necessary, you can reduce the cost of a log house, carefully approaching each stage of its creation:

  • The choice of the location of the house on the site and its orientation relative to the cardinal points.
  • Installation of the foundation, insulation, thermal insulation, water inlet points, gas, drainage sewer, power supply.
  • Construction of the log house and its installation on the foundation.
  • Installation of the roof - when choosing materials and colours, it is important to take into account the specifics of house finishing so that the roof matches it.
  • Installation of windows and doors - choose produces from wood, steel or plastic, focusing on value for money.
  • Installation of floor covering - you must first do maximum work of distributing electricity and water lines.
  • Electricity.
  • Heating.
  • Water supply.
  • Finishing work.

It is not necessary to be a professional in the construction industry to understand what you want and make decisions. it is enough to understand the nature of the work carried out, the features of the materials and the technologies used. You can choose the type of wood for a log house, decide which foundation will become a solid basis for a prospective house on your property in accordance with the information on these topics, or consult specialists.

Take the choice of the construction company for a log house seriously . There are many manufacturers on the market, each with their own experience and their own approach to business. Compare the offers of several companies, evaluate the quality of their work at least at an intuitive level. Cheaper is not always better. There is a chance that the house for which you pay less will ultimately cost you more. Poor quality materials, lack of professionalism of craftsmen can negatively affect the result. And the correction of errors made during the construction will require additional unplanned expenses from you.

By ordering a turnkey project, you will save yourself from having to delve into the intricacies of the process. You will be able to choose the most suitable option from the list of those offered. By entrusting the work to professionals, you will be confident in the quality of work and the appropriate pricing process. It is only important to choose a reliable company and make sure that your ideas about the turnkey house construction match the ideas of the contractor.

Cost of a wooden house

Below we give a standard answer to the question about the cost of a wooden house. This is a list of works with their cost which allows to calculate the cost of construction. In every case, the amount is calculated individually. Only through personal communication, the contractor can find out exactly what the client wants, and the client can bargain and get a discount or a nice bonus as additional work for which no fee is charged.

Read all the preliminary information, call and visit us - we will be happy to see you!

Plans for further cooperation

  • Signing a contract for project design.
  • Making an advance payment for the design. The amount of the advance is from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles, depending on the size of a house (for the construction of a log house using an existing project, no advance payment is made for the design).
  • Construction a project.

The project includes:

  • ​General information
  • Architectural plan and approximate furniture layout
  • Dimensional plan
  • Gable plan
  • Plan or roof covering and truss system
  • Plan of all facades
  • Cuts
  • The layout of ceiling beams
  • The layout of structural and ridge beams
  • Surface plan
  • Installation scheme of window and door blocks in the openings
  • The scheme of abutting wooden floors onto the wall
  • The geometric scheme of log house gables
  • Details of the ceiling
  • 3D projections

Discussing cost of a log house, if the size of a log house has changed as a result of the project design.

  1. Signing a contract (the amount of the advance payment for the design is taken into account as part of the advance payment for the construction of a log house).
  2. Coordination of technical specifications, ​​construction method.
  3. Making an advance payment for log house construction. The amount of the advance payment depends on the size of a log house. Based on the agreement with the client, payments are made in equal parts (25% or 33% of the cost of a log house) as the log house is constructed.
  4. Making a log building on the territory of OOO Nord House. We are one of the few companies that construct a building under cover. Moreover, its maximum size can be 18 x 45m.
  5. Installing foundation (by the client or our company's specialists) during the construction of the log building.
  6. Approving a log building on the territory of the North House company.
  7. The final payment for manufacturing logs
  8. Making an advance payment for the installation of a log house (50% of the cost of installation).
  9. Dismantling of a log building and its transportation in parts to the client's property.
  10. Installation of a log building.
  11. Installation of a roof (installation of a temporary roof, if the client wants the log building to stand under it, or installation of a permanent roof according to a previously agreed estimate).
  12. Production and installation of casing.

By working with us, you are not limited in your choice of style for a prospective wooden house. We have extensive experience working with dealers from Russia, Norway, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and build houses:

  • in Russian style - from round logs with hewn inner walls (towers, temples, etc.);
  • in Norwegian style - from two-edged cant;
  • Norwegian frame - looks beautiful for houses, garages and other outbuildings. Allows you to combine elements (for example, the ground floor - frame house, the first floor - log house).
  • in Canadian style - the ground floor, as a rule, is handcrafted from large loga, the first is a frame structure with rafters of logs that remain in the interior of the second floor.

Our specialists do any type of handcrafted work. You can evaluate the level of their professionalism and the quality of houses by the works presented on our website, or by visiting us personally.

The cost of houses built using the Post and Beams technology is 2,700 rubles per 1 meter of log in the finished product.

Below are the prices with all internal walls and partitions of logs with a diameter of 280mm., and two-edged cant with a thickness of 210mm., with log gables and joists. In this configuration, the average price per 1m² will be about 12.000rub per 1m².


Pine with natural moisture  content ∅28-30 cm

Single-storey log house

Log house with a mansard floor

Two-storey log house

Log building 7×7 1 300 000 rubles 2 350 000 rubles 2 600 000 rubles
Log building 8×8 1 750 000 rubles 2 950 000 rubles 3 230 000 rubles
Log building 10×10 2 700 000 rubles 4 600 000 rubles 5 100 000 rubles

The standard wooden house package includes

The cost of installation includes:

The installation does not include:

The cost of every project also includes

  • Work of a truck crane during the unloading and assembling of a log house
  • Monitoring of geometry and installation of the first log row
  • Set of putlogs for windor and door openings
  • Set of wooden dowels
  • Log house assembly
  • Fitting dowels with a 10-15% margin along the hole depth
  • Installation of the inter-log insulation (fastening roll insulation into the groove of the upper log)
  • Coating of hidden log surfaces (grooves, notches) with an antiseptic prior to assembling a house
  • Installation of girders
  • Installation of putlogs into windor and door openings
  • Clean-up of the territory

Additionally, you can order:

  • Arrangement of shipment of a log house to the foundation
  • Organisation of a construction site
  • Shipment of a construction trailer, a bio toilet
  • Installation of electrical wiring, lighting
  • Treatment and coating of the entire log building with an antiseptic during installation
  • Grinding of a log house
  • Carved support columns
  • Casing and its installation
  • Staircases
  • Platbands (plain and carved)
  • Hidden electrical equipment

Elements of a wooden house

We are open to dialogue, and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us - we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

We look forward to seeing you at our construction sites daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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