Frequently asked questions

What is the difference of your company comparing to other firms dealing with timber houses construction?

Main difference of the company «North House» is that we work with qualified dealers and the requirements of qualities they lay out are much higher than possible requirements from individual clients. We maintain this quality level for all our houses.

When should I order the log shell to have it delivered before the road closure?

Roads are usually closed for drying for a month from April 1. If within design process the house remains the same in sizes, two months will take to manufacture it. Consequently you should order the log shell in January or beginning of February, not later.

Which notch is better: with tongue or without?

We believe the simpler and more predicted the behavior of the notch the better. Canadian notch is made without a single tongue. In theory this tongue gives and additional lock from possible ventilation but within shrinkage can give a negative effect. The log (not each one) may be turned or jammed on the tongue. All the works will be done according to specifications that we will be approving with you for every element of the log structure.

Can Canadian notch be applied to round-edge cant?

Yes, the house of round-edge cant can be built with Canadian notch (with or without a tongue). Difference will be only outer one in the angles. Norwegian notch is done with the upper or lower hew, and Canadian only with the upper hew, but it works in the same way within shrinkage.

Why are there gaps on the outer extended logs?

When there is rain and side wind, water drains along the butt-end of the logs and flows between them. Within tight logging water still penetrates between the rows of logs (in the butt ends) and the logs will become damp. Gaps of 3-5 mm should be left on outer extended logs for the means of ventilation and faster humidity evaporation. Imagine a drop of water flowing along the wall: it should not penetrate between the logs but should flow unstopped and drop on the ground (not on the foundation).

Where do you buy wood?

Primarily, we buy spruce from the south of Onega, the border of Vologda region, Karelia and Leningrad region. Larch and cedar are bought from Lesosibirsk and Karabula.

What diameter is better for building a house?

Houses with the total area up to 150 m2 is better to build of round-edge cant with thickness 21 cm or of round log with diameter 28-30 cm. Houses with a larger area look better of a larger plank log. If you build a house with total area 500 m2 from the logs with diameter 28-30 cm, the walls will look like a pencil box.

What are your terms of building a log structure?

Averagely the team of «North House» builds 100 m2 per mont. If the total area of the house is 250 m2, its building will take 2,5 months.

I would like to order a design of the house with further implementation.

In the attached letter the following specification were indicated:

– area of the house less than 100 m2;
– ground floor: entrance hall, kitchen, living room, water closet facilities (with a small sauna 1600х2000 mm);
– first floor: hall with balustrade (over the kitchen), parents' bedroom, a room for 2 girls;
– sky light over the living room and kitchen.

Interior design:
– kitchen is separated from the living room by semi-arch;
– stair of round-edge cant;
– application of supporting posts of logs;
– application of various beams;
– fire place (possibly, back wall is outside).

Outside design:
– extended logs in the corners;
– wide wind boards (Norwegian house);
– supporting posts.

The procedure is the following: your wishes are quite clear according to outside appearance, on all the pictures could be seen extended elements of the house. Are they acceptable? In telephone conversation you mentioned that you have a limited building area.

To start making a design, we will need an advance payment from you in the amount of 15 000 ruble for design works (cost of the design works is taken out from the cost of log shell manufacturing when ordered at our company) and upon design issue remaining 15 000 rubles if design of the house is not enlarged within design process.

During the design you will have to closely communicate with our architect. He will be offering options for various elements of the house and show you how it is going to look like. You will also decide where and what kind of stair you will have.
All your wishes regarding aprons, extended logs, stairs will not make any particular difficulty for us. The most important here is to approve all the smallest details, because the stairs could be of different shape, aprons and beams can also be different, including the color.

Design is always something to begin with. If we come from the area of 100 m2, the cost of log shell manufacturing at our construction site will make up around 1 100 000 rubles. Cost of assembly onto foundation is 300 000 rubles. We cannot give the exact cost of foundation because we do not know what you are planning. When choosing a foundation, not only the type of soils should be taken into account but also how you plan to heat the house and whether you are going to have under floor heating or not, for example.

How many trucks does it take to deliver the log shell?

Usually one eighteen wheeler is loaded with 50 m2 of house area from round log (depending on the log diameter) and 80 m2 of house area from round-edge cant.

What is the transportation cost?

Delivery cost is identified by transportation company. You can find a transportation company yourself or you can entrust it to us. When arranging a delivery, special attention shall be paid to possibility of driving 12 trucks to the foundation of the house. If there is no such possibility, there should be additionally calculated reloading to shorter trucks and driving to the foundation with their help.

Good morning! I am interested in the house with the area up to 100 square meters for a family consisting of two people. Please, offer the optimum alternative.

First of all, we should understand what to take into consideration and what you like.
Such rather small house could be and should be designed very thoroughly to make it functional and cosy. We understand that for two people there should be at least 2 bedrooms, a kitchen maybe combined with the living room, water closet facilities (bathroom and toilet in one room), entrance hall. Norwegian houses look very attractive with carved posts, extended logs for a large terrace. House with the total area around 100 m2 can be very nice.

You do grinding within disassembly. Is it also additional 350 ruble? As far as I understand after loading, unloading, assembly, the log will be chipped and crippled all again.

Grinding can be done in three ways.

First one – within disassembly of the log shell at construction site (usually we do grinding this way when sending shells to Norway). The advantage here is that we get a better quality of grinding because every log is ground separately. This is a cheaper grinding because it is made within disassembly process and does not require building of scaffolding. This way the quality of grinding in the corners and places of rows joining is also higher. Every log is treated with preservation after grinding. The disadvantage is that the logs could get dirty within assembly and further will require additional, partial grinding.

Second one is almost the same but we grind each log within assembly of the log structure. Generally we do it this way when we take tower crane to the assembly site. Rented automatic crane is unprofitable for us, because the rent will take all the profit and even more.

Third one is to do grinding after construction of permanent roofing.

What does «cut under shelter» mean?

Construction of the log shell for a timber house under shelter allows to protect the house from rain during construction process. It also reduces construction period (bad weather conditions and rain stop construction process). It is not very smart to build a house of dry round-edge cant under open sky.

Is it possible to drill logs for hidden electric wiring?

It is possible. We will need an approved plan of electric wiring. It is important to know where sockets, switches, outside lighting are going to be placed and where primary input of power cable is going to be.

Did I understand it correctly that the price includes the cost of fully assembled rafter system? Do you assemble sliding system?

Cost of log shell construction and assembly does not include the rafter system. To cut in ceiling beams into the walls of the house, we need to approve the thickness of finishing boards and clamping bar of vapor barrier insulation. Comparing to other construction companies we do not include into standard package temporary roofing like it is done by others, because we do not see any sense in useless wasting of materials. If we simply put roofing beams and cover it with tar coating, there is a big chance that in 2-5 months the beams will be twisted, it will be impossible to cut them in the roof structure and tar coating is simply thrown away after disassembly of temporary roofing. If there is a request for temporary roofing, we can do it right after assembly for free, you will only have to pay for banners which we use instead of tar cover. Instead of roofing beams we use the slopes of unsquared board. Later on we can use the board for scaffolding and banners for preserving delivered construction materials.

Do you do horizontal bracing in the notches? Are these elements included in the cost?

The cost of log shell for timber house includes steel nails for hidden logs connection in the over-cuts. Nail diameter is 10 mm, length is 500mm.

Is openings hew included in the indicated price?

Arrangement and manufacturing of hewing on door and window openings are included in the cost of log manufacturing.

How is exact is the indicated cost? What are the terms? What is the payment procedure?

Final cost is defined and after making and approving the complete design. And if in the outcome total area and heights have not been changed, indicated cost if correct by +/- 5%.

We are open to dialog and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us, we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

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