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About construction company - North House

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  1. Quality

    The North House company offers handcrafted log houses of the highest quality that comply with or exceed the strictest international standards, and has the corresponding international quality certification EMI №А-206/2008-1.

  2. Experience

    The North House has extensive experience in building handcrafted wooden houses. The company has gained its experience through partnerships with professional dealers from Germany and Norway since 2000.

  3. Special services

    Our company has also devised a special method of loading log houses into containers for international and interregional shipping, which substantially shortened loading time and reduced the amount of transport that is required to ship a log house. This method makes it possible to save our clients thousands of roubles for every transport.

  4. Location

    We are located in Saint Petersburg. The seaport allows us to ship our handcrafted log houses both in sea containers or by road.

  5. Customisation

    All wooden houses built by the North House are unique. We have never built two identical houses. Even if some projects of wooden houses resemble each other on the surface, their interior layout is different. The majority of our clients approach us with a general idea of a desired house and rough sketches of layouts, and our architect helps them to realise a project of a wooden house or bathhouse on paper. We also work with the existing projects of our clients, if they are technically competent and designed for handcrafted log houses. While working with our architecture, you can repeatedly make additions and adjustments to the project. 

  6. Variety of structural solutions

    The North House offers various types of wooden houses: round-log houses, two-edged cant houses, Norwegian frame houses and Post and Beam houses.

    • Dried two-edged cant, both kiln- and air-dried.
    • Building from pine snags.
    • Manufacturing glulam trusses.
    • Building from large diameter logs with overscribe using Robert W. Chambers’ construction method.
    • Post and Beam construction.
    • Finish grinding of a handcrafted log house during its disassembly on a construction site.
    • Building a wooden house from dry wood under a canopy.
  7. Unique materials

We offer the following construction materials - pine, spruce, cedar and larch. Manufacturing staircases, casing, platbands, carved posts. Depending on the requirements for wooden houses in different parts of the words, the North House also offers special materials and structures.

      8. Wooden house construction in other regions and countries

Our company has experience to assist with the design and construction of wooden houses, supervise the construction from a distance and provide consulting services for wooden house construction.

      9. Manufacturer's liability

If there are any incosistences in technical conditions or project measurements, we will resolve the issue for free.


Only high-skilled specialists with years of experience in wooden house construction work in our company. They are proficient in various methods of manual house construction (Russian, Norwegian, Canadian) and can build a wooden house of the highest quality and of any complexity within a very short time.

Advantages of manual construction

The advantages of manual construction are high quality, individuality and durability of a log house.


The construction of handcrafted wooden houses is a very hard and labour-intensive process. That is why at the North House company we have tried to do all possible to make the work of craftsmen easier. We constantly evolve and acquire new cranes and saw benches. Nowadays our company is a recognized leader in wooden house construction due to our modern construction equipment, which allows us to reduce the cost of 1m², improve the quality of wooden houses and shorten the time of construction.

Quality assurance

Our company has been awarded the international certificate of quality EMI №А-206/2008-1, which permits us to supply our houses to the European market and confirms the fact that our wooden houses comply with European standards. You can hire an independent expert in wooden construction through us at any particular stage of the construction process or supervise all the stages with their help.

Modern equipment

High load-bearing capacity, precision and operational speed of lifting mechanisms.

We are open to dialogue, and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us - we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

We look forward to seeing you at our construction sites daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.