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Construction of frame houses

At the moment stavlaft houses are yet to receive due attention in Russia. We recommend these houses to people, who cannot decide what kind of house is better - a frame house or a log house. A Norwegian frame house is something in between. Its exterior comprises stud walls, but its gables and beams are the same as those used in an ordinary log house. The framework itself is made from massive 250х300mm trapezoidal timber and is installed on equally massive support posts, which can be round or square. Frame sheathing is visible only from the outside, which gives a house a unique look. The interior finish of the walls is the same as in a standard frame house. 200mm insulation and its installation method are applied in a such a way as to prevent any possible air leakage. This is a very warm house that complies with all international standards of energy efficiency. There are many to build such a house. Norwegian stavlaft can be built as a full frame house or a half-frame house - its first floor can be made of two-edged cant. There are many ways to make a house unique in terms of its exterior finish - from typical Norwegian unedged boards to various decorative panels. A house looks particularly beautiful In combination with carved columns, and is warm inside due to its insulation. Log gables and beams bear very large vertical loads, which makes it possible to build any roof - from light soft roofing to a green roof.

Perhaps, the fact that this type of frame houses has gone largely unnoticed is the reason why so few Russian companies have experience of their construction. Thanks to our partnerships with Norwegian companies, we know all the intricacies and specifics of the frame house construction.

General view of the building

The standard stavlaft package includes:

Consult a specialist

Assembling a house in Norway


Erecting a frame house in Norway

Frame houses with massive vertical ornamented columns and natural grass-covered roofs are the hallmark of Norway. Fitting harmoniously into the surrounding landscapes, they create an indescribable atmosphere of the northern country, thereby drawing our attention. Now you too can create a little corner of Scandinavia on your property.

Frame house

The walls of a frame house resemble a sandwich. Thermal insulation is Rockwool. Various finishing materials are used to sheathe the exterior and the interior in accordance with the architectural design.

Round-log house

Traditional Russian style, diameters ranging from 280mm to 450mm. Canadian notch. The distinctive features of a round-log house include environmental friendliness, excellent thermal insulation, natural ventilation and durability.

Two-edged cant house

All interior and exterior walls, gables are made of two-edged cant with 210-250mm thickness. Such style is common in Norway. The distinctive features of a two-edged cant house include environmental friendliness, superb thermal insulation, natural ventilation, durability and convenience of the interior living space.

Log frame house

Purely Canadian type of construction. The ground floor - handcrafted log structure, W-shaped groove, Canadian notch. The first floor – non-shrinking frame structure.

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