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Designing wooden houses

A project gives you an opportunity not only to imagine what your house is going to be like, but also see it on paper. Our experts create a layout of a wooden house based on your wishes and determine the look and the design of the building.

Specifics of a wooden house project

Designing a project of any frame house involves many important aspects of construction. A project usually includes:

  • General information
  • Architectural solutions
  • Structural solutions
  • Ground floor plan
  • Attic floor plan
  • Roof covering plan
  • Four facades of the house
  • Sections
  • Specification and installation outline of window and door openings
  • Specification of casing
  • Specification of extended element sketching
  • Outline of bearing of a wooden overlap on the wall
  • Outline of gable geometry of the log frame
  • Outline of roof timber fastening
  • Installation outline of bearing posts
  • Floor legend
  • Сeiling details
  • Roofing details
  • 3D projections
  • Mounting arrangement of log poles and ridge purlins
  • Mounting arrangement of truss principals
  • Plan of foundation support

Our company specialises in the construction of handcrafted wooden houses. To us designing a project always goes hand in hand with creating a unique architectural concept of a house. We pay a lot of attention to devising an exclusive design as it makes it possible to add individuality and stylistic visibility to a country house and it interior.

Detailed 3D model of a wooden house project



Choosing and creating a customised project of a prospective house

If you were not able find in a our catalogue a house project that would suit you completely, it is not a problem. You can use any of our projects to design a wooden house, change it according to your requirements, make additions to it, expand or cut it down. Moreover, you can find a wooden house that you like on the Internet, show us its photo, and we will design a project for it. You can entrust us with an interior layout - we will certainly make it based on your tastes and preferences.

A project makes it possible to consider all elements of a prospective home in advance, plan the construction stages correctly, select materials and calculate their amount, as well as avoid possible mistakes while building a house. A competent approach will allow you to create a fully-customised unique wooden house. It will correspond to your ideas of beauty, comfort and home, matching the landscape of the entire land property.

Every new house that we build is a realised dream of a particular person and their family. Therefore, in our work we insist on an individual approach to every customer. Our goal is to satisfy the wishes of our clients, so that working with us is easy and safe for them.

The meaning of competent project design in house construction

Our work is based on professional knowledge, reliance on our own experience and adherence to global trends and developments in the field of architecture and design. The specialists of our company have a high professional level and competence, so we take on projects of varying complexity and bring them to life efficiently, successfully and on time.

Our architects will take into account all your wishes and will design a log frame house house, which will reflect your idea of comfort and beauty. It is equally important that we will follow all the generally accepted rules of the wooden house construction when we work on the project. At the same time, a prospective building will seamlessly fit into the existing landscape of the property. The client can control all stages of the design and the construction of a wooden house on their own proceeding from the statement of work. In addition, our clients can hire independent experts specialising in wooden house construction, so that specialists can supervise the entire process.

Pay attention to the existing projects of wooden houses or bathhouses that are listed in our catalogue. You can purchase any project or use it as a starting point for house construction by making changes and additions to a basic project that you like.

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When you commission our company to build a wooden house, you will receive its project for free.

We use softwoods for the construction of wooden houses and bathhouses. This is mainly pine, less often - larch.

Spruce is hardly ever used as a wall material because the qualities of this wood are somewhat poorer due to lower density and lower resinous content; however, it can be recommended for the construction of support elements of structural floors (girders, joists)

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