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Wooden summer houses

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Summer houses for seasonal cottages or country houses are usually made of wood. There are many varieties of summer houses in different styles. Their prices vary depending on the material they are built from. They will significantly differ in cost depending on whether they are constructed from boards or made from massive logs in Canadian style that preserves the natural beauty of wood.

Pine and spruce as well as cedar and larch are used in the construction of round-log summer houses. The choice depends on the environment that will surround a summer house. For example, in a very damp area near water you can use larch for subfloor sheathing, which will make it substantially easier to care for the appearance and structural integrity of the building later on. Properly treated wood will serve you for decades.

Types of summer houses

The variety of structures and designs is truly impressive. Used as decorative elements on the property or for recreation, they can be:

Summer houses made of rounded timber, two-edged cant, glulam or planed logs look especially beautiful and stylish. Whatever material is used for their construction, it must be thoroughly treated with appropriate preservatives and anti-fungal solutions. This gives it strength and ensures its resistance to pests, mould, moisture, high and low temperatures.

Choosing a shape of a wooden roof play an important aesthetic role, although it is necessary to consider the specifics of climate in the area. The traditional structure consists of several triangles fastened at one apex.

Characteristics and variants of construction

Summer houses and gazebos are rarely seen as permanent structures - more often than not they are constructed from materials at hand without regard for harmoniousness and adherence to a single style in combination with the surrounding landscape. However, recent years have been marked with noticeable changes in rural construction trends. Increasingly, a gazebo - a favourite relaxation spot for people of all ages - is being built according to all the rules of wooden house construction, which includes building a log structure and installing permanent roofing that makes it possible to protect the internal space of the building from atmospheric moisture and precipitation.

Traditional handcrafted wooden summer houses are the optimal choice for a countryside property that does not usually have much space. It worth mentioning detached structures of a circular or polygonal shape among the popular options for this type of construction. Occupying a minimum area on the property, they remain quite spacious and allow you to choose a variety of options for their external design.

A rectangular gazebo adjoining a house can also help you to save space on your property - this option makes it possible to use fewer materials and utilise an existing base of the house as a supporting element when you lay the foundation.

Custom construction of a handcrafted summer house may be a good option for you — the cost of such service easily justifies the amount of time, effort and money that is required to do the same work on your own. Besides, you get a structure that is ready for use and that was built in accordance with all the specifics of a chosen project.

Choosing a construction site

The first thing that summer residents have to face when planning to build a structure on their property is the need to decide where the construction site will be. What should be considered in this case?

Construction stages

Like any other building, handcrafted wooden summer houses built from logs or two-edged cant are mounted onto a foundation - a sturdy base that makes it possible to secure the building within an existing landscape.

What is included in the list of required works that precede the installation of a log building?

If you entrust the construction of a wooden log building to specialists, the price and quality of the finished structure will fully meet all the requirements of the project. And when you will use in future, you will not face any unpleasant surprises, thus keeping only pleasant memories of your time in the countryside.

The reasoning behind constructing a summer house can be your love for outdoor gatherings in solitude or with friends. If you do have such a need, then it would be better to consider an open terrace when designing a house project, which will fulfil these functions, but will be used dozen times more often.

The North House company offers you the construction of wooden summer houses, gazebos and arbours based on standard projects or made-to-order in line with the wishes and preferences of the client.