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Wooden house construction

The construction process of wooden houses can be divided into phases, which should be assessed separately from each other, because the cost of work at every stage depends on the requirements of the client.

Project of a wooden house from timber and two-edged cant

Project design is the first stage in the construction process of a frame house, wooden house or any other building. We work with all types of drafts: from rough sketches made by hand to projects of wooden log houses and buildings from concrete, stone, etc., that require changes. We create a project for free. Project delivery times are based on the result - that is, a client satisfied with the look and the interior layout of a prospective house.

A project for frame or log house construction always includes a type of foundation, precise exterior measurements of a house, elevation marks, entry and exit points of utility systems, floor and roof insulation thickness, sizes of window and door openings, and an approximate furniture layout. The construction company designs such a project for free, provided that a client commissions us to build a wooden house.

Project options for log house and frame house construction

Customers rarely order a full project package with all plumbing and power routes and a list of required materials as it is expensive and its implementation takes up a lot of time for both an architect and a client.

You can order just a wooden house project from us in order to build a frame house yourself or commission a different company. The project design costs 250 rubles per 1m² of the total house area measured along the axes of the ground and first floors.

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Construction stages of wooden frame houses and log buildings

We divide the entire process of wooden house construction into the following stages: 

At every stage we need to work closely with the client to jointly make decisions on each element of the house, the materials used, their quality and colour. Customers have different capabilities and requirements, so the cost-effective options that will not be detrimental to the quality of the future house, need to be discussed and finalised. We welcome the decision of the client to hire a technical expert to daily supervise the progress of the construction of the house.

How to commission the construction of a frame house or log building

When you choose the construction for your future house, pay attention to the wooden frame houses based on the Norwegian technology. They are not common in Russia, they are a combination of a log house and a frame house. The construction of such a house requires a lot of experience, in particular, in the construction of the supporting frame itself and its installation - it is fundamentally different from other frame houses. The North House company has been building frame houses for Norway and Russia for more than 8 years. We can build a frame house and a log house equally well.

We do not construct buildings from dimensional timber. This construction technology is a separate topic in wooden house construction, and it has its own specifics.

Specialists of our company are always happy to assist you with solving any problems when designing a project of a frame or log house. We will also help you at all stages of the construction, managing its organisation and ensuring that all issues are resolves in the best possible way for you.

We use softwoods for the construction of wooden houses and bathhouses. This is mainly pine, less often - larch.

Spruce is hardly ever used as a wall material because the qualities of this wood are somewhat poorer due to lower density and lower resinous content; however, it can be recommended for the construction of support elements of structural floors (girders, joists)

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