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Construction of log houses

Log buildings are wooden buildings made from logs. Hand-chopped houses (becoming more and more popular) have long become very popular. More recently, brick buildings were in the greatest demand. Returning to a tree is not only a tribute to the traditions of our ancestors. Modern technologies of wood processing and construction allow you to create high-quality, durable and economical housing from natural and eco-friendly material. If you move to a permanent place outside the city for the sake of health and clean air, why build a concrete house.

Materials for building handcrafted log houses

For the construction of log cabins, deciduous or coniferous trees are used. It is best to make them from spruce or pine. To the logs less subjected to deformation, it is advisable to carry out their harvesting in the winter. If in winter the thermometer thermometer does not fall below thirty degrees, then it is permissible to use logs whose diameter is 20-22 centimeters. There is a direct pattern: the more severe the climatic conditions, the thicker the logs must be for making houses for log houses. They should be approximately equal in thickness, with a deviation of not more than three centimeters to one side or the other.

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Choosing a log house

When you decide to order a log house, it is not necessary to delve into the subtleties of wooden housing and carefully plan the layout. The manufacturer will offer you a choice of several typical house designs, will talk about the benefits of various types of materials. You just have to choose. A specialist who will take into account all your wishes will work on the individual log house project, therefore it is better to formulate them in advance.

We carry out the construction of log cabins in two main ways: cutting into the “Norwegian Castle” and cutting into the “Canadian Chalice”. Both of these methods today are the most correct and common in North-West Russia. For particularly advanced customers, we offer the construction of a log house made of large logs using Robert W. Chambers technology. The latter method is rarely used because of the lack of construction experience with the manufacturers of wooden houses.

To order a log house, you should:

  • decide on the material from which the frame will be made;
  • determine the size and number of rooms and their height;
  • determine the appearance of the house;
  • prepare a sketch of the plan of the interior of the future construction. Prepare a photo or a picture of your favorite home;
  • meet with a representative of our company and after discussing all the necessary issues, document the order for the construction of the log house.

As a rule, the contract for the manufacture of a log house includes the development of the project of the future house. The customer can either choose from already existing projects of log houses, or express their wishes, and the project will be developed from scratch.

Stages of a turnkey log house construction

After the contract is signed, the construction process begins, which includes the following steps:

  1. Creating a log house project

    At this stage, the appearance of the structure, its internal layout, material for manufacturing is coordinated, and it is also linked to the terrain.

  2. Foundation

    The type of foundation is determined by the construction site, the composition of the soil and the wishes of the customer.

    второй этап изготовления сруба

  3. Logging

    As a rule, it is a pine, larch, spruce, cedar.

    строительство сруба: заготовка лева изготовление сруба дома: заготовка леса 2

  4. Building a log house at the construction site of the company

    Our company is among the few who have the opportunity to build a log house under the roof. This significantly affects the quality of construction and increases its service life.

    строительство сруба дома на площадкеизготовление сруба дома на площадке

  5. Disassembling a log building

    If the customer requests it at this stage, it can also be polished.

    разборка срубаразборка сруба 2

  6. Transportation

    The issue is being worked out with the customer beforehand, with the possible departure of a company specialist to the installation site, since access to vehicles longer than 12 m is difficult for many sites.

    погрузка сруба на транспорттранспортировка сруба

  7. Assembling a log house

    This stage includes waterproofing the foundation, planning the operation of an automobile crane, storing parts of the log house on the site.

    изготовление сруба дома: монтажизготовление сруба: монтаж

  8. Roof installation

    изготовление сруба: крышастроительство сруба: монтаж крыши

    Depending on what time of year it is carried out, as well as the wishes of the customer, either a temporary roof or a permanent turnkey roof can be installed.

  9. Painting exterior walls using tinting and antiseptic

    покраска стен срубапокраска наружных стен

  10. Manufacturing casing

    At this stage windows and doors are mounted along the outer perimeter of the house.

  11. Installation of plumbing and wiring

    изготовление сруба: сантехника и электрикамонтаж сантехники и электрики в срубе

  12. Finishing works

    Include the installation of interior doors and flooring

    отделочные работыотделочные работы внутри сруба

During the construction of log cabins for finished or individual projects, their prices vary significantly. The cost of a house under construction is determined by such factors as the wood species and the diameter of the logs, the height of the walls and their number in the log house, the type of foundation, as well as the price of materials used for the finishing works. The final cost of work is determined after creating a full-fledged project and agreeing with the customer all the wishes for planning and finishing the house.

If you want to build a turnkey log house, then you are in the right place! We offer only the best materials and the most qualified experts - order a log house project and its construction from our company at an optimal price!

We use softwoods for the construction of wooden houses and bathhouses. This is mainly pine, less often - larch.

Spruce is hardly ever used as a wall material because the qualities of this wood are somewhat poorer due to lower density and lower resinous content; however, it can be recommended for the construction of support elements of structural floors (girders, joists)

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