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Construction of wooden bathhouses

Spending time in a bathhouse strengthens the immune system with the help of natural powers; when the temperature rises, the vessels of the body expand, allowing a larger volume of blood to flow through them, while the heartbeat speeds up.  When the body is exposed to cold air or water, the vessels contract, which makes it possible to train the cardiovascular system and strengthen the walls of the vessels, activate the general and local blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots. A Russian steam bath gives you an opportunity to strengthen your nervous system without any side effects; it creates effective and steady protection against stress and stabilises your psychoemotional state for a long time ahead.


The first things you need to decide are the location and, curiously enough, the purpose of a bathhouse, because if you make it a little bigger, it can serve you as a guest house or a winter house, which won’t affect the final price much. During the design process, we will help you to take into account all possible specifics and nuances, such as heights based on floor and ceiling thickness; sizes of a steam room, a furnace, a shower room and a lounge room; an approximate furnishing plan. All of this is unique to every client as requirements vary from person to person. It is possible to find a ready-to-use project, modify an existing project or create a new one for virtually any combination of factors.

When the documentation is finalised, we get to work, which can be divided into the following main stages:


If you compare the cost a log bathhouse and a log house, then usually 1m² of the bathhouse area is more expensive. A large number of internal walls relative to the total area affects the pricing. This mainly concerns projects with axial dimensions of 6x6. The measurements should include a bathing area, a shower room, a lounge room and an anteroom. All rooms are small and for this reason log bathhouses turn out to be material- and labour-intensive. Sometimes (this applies only to the cost of a log building) a 6x6 log structure can cost more than a 7x7 log structure.

Let us try to explain what may affect the price of bathhouse construction and why. Every project of the log building is unique, it must be considered separately, since every client has different requirements for heights and floor areas of the interior as well as their use.

Depending on the type of foundation - a slab or a strip, the height of the walls of the log building will be different. This is due to the presence (in the case of a strip foundation) of the floor beams of the ground floor. Accordingly, saving a little on the construction of the strip foundation, you will have to pay more for the bathhouse itself, since in this case, the walls should be raised to the height of the intersection of the floor beams. In a bathhouse, all heights (minimal) are calculated based on the height of the steam room amounting to 2.2 m from the top of the floor to the bottom of the ceiling.

The height of the gables migth slightly affect the price of a (single-story) bathhouse.  An attic room appears between the ceiling of the steam room and the roof, and its use may be various. You can simply seal it, store whisks there, or use it as a bedroom.

Since the height of the steam room and often the bathing area is small, you can make a loft above them in a gable part of the bathhouse. In Norway, such lofts are very common. This is a low room in the gable part of the house. In a loft, you can put a mattress on the floor and use it as a bedroom, but in this case, you can already use the bathhouse both as a guest house and a winter house that does not require much energy to maintain the temperature in winter. In this case, it is possible to consider the use of the area not in square, but in cubic metres.

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