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Useful articles about wooden houses

With every passing year more and more people begin to think about building a wooden house and using comfortable and environmentally friendly material. Some of them design their own projects and do their own construction work, while others delegate this important task to experts. In any case, a desire to contribute to a project design (for example, choose decorative elements of a wooden house) and to understand a construction process, and the need to supervise a contractor at every stage force a client to read an enormous amount of articles about wooden houses.

Articles about roofs

Log gable

Log gable is built from the same material as the body of the building. That is why, being an extension of the wall, the gable makes it possible to maintain a single architectural style. Sometimes gables are moved inwards if the project includes a balcony.

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Log beams

Log beams are some of the main load-bearing elements of a building structure; they can and must bear heavy loads (up to several tonnes). Massive, fundamental, reliable, convenient - these are the words you want to say when you see beams inside a house.

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Rafters serve as a support system for any pitched roof, and their structure must be light, but have a high bearing capacity. Softwoods with their small weight and natural durability are usually used to manufacture rafters.

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Eaves cladding

Eaves cladding, or overhang finishing, ensures an aesthetic appeal of a house exterior, protects a thermal insulation layer and maintained a microclimate in a room, and reduces the environmental impact. Planed boards or tongue and groove siding are largely used for this purpose.

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Roof insulation

Roof insulation substantially influences the overall energy efficiency of a house. Among the many materials available on the market it is useful to mention such insulating materials as basalt, mineral wool, foam plastic, cellulose, extruded polystyrene foam.

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Roof covering

The structure of modern wooden houses allows clients to install any type of roof covering they like. When choosing a roof covering, it is important to pay attention to such criteria as durability and reliability, specific weight of material, easy installation and repair, and correspondence to the style of a future house.

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Foundation is a primary support and starting point of any building that also protects utility lines. There are several main types of foundations: raft (considered the most stable), strip, pile and screw pile.

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Waterproofing the first log row

Waterproofing wood or the first log row in the base of a house is necessary in order to eliminate excess moisture and prevent fungal and bacterial decay. This is an important part of the construction process, which increases the lifespan of a wooden building.

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Floor waterproofing on the ground floor

Floor waterproofing on the ground floor is used to neutralise high humidity, which occurs naturally due to the proximity to the ground level and basement, and also to prevent mould and damage to the floor covering.

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Ground floor subfloor sheathing

If properly chosen by size and correctly installed, ground floor subfloor sheathing directly affects the quality and durability of flooring. It helps with floor ventilation and resolves soundproofing issues.

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Floor insulation on the ground floor

Floor insulation on the ground floor makes it possible to improve the overall energy efficiency of your house by doing two different tasks: it helps to maintain high temperature in the rooms of a semi-basement and a relatively low temperature in the basement, which guarantees a long shelf life of food and preserves.

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Ground floor flooring

Every type of flooring - natural (tile, glass, parquet), artificial (laminate, linoleum) or a combined design solution - needs its own foundation, which ensures the durability of floors and increases the level of comfort.

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Terrace and balcony flooring

Choosing materials and technologies for flooring depends on a type of room and conditions for its use. A terrace or a balcony usually requires flooring that is resistant to extreme changes of temperature, excess or lack of moisture.

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Mansard floor subfloor sheathing

We look into concepts and give useful advice about the installation of subfloor sheathing with the help of the available tools.

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Floor insulation on the mansard floor

Choosing floor insulation for the mansard floor is quite a complicated task at the moment, because there are so many materials that can be used. Let’s take a closer look.

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Floor coating on the mansard floor

Floor coating for a mansard floor - we choose the most effective solution from a variety of options.

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Exterior finishing

Terrace railing

Terrace railing fulfils several tasks, both purely practical and aesthetic. First of all, it serves as a barrier, which is important when a building is located on a hill. On the other hand, railing seamlessly follows the structure of the house, accentuating its exterior qualities.

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Making carved posts in a wooden house

Carved posts serve as support for structural solutions that involve moving roofs and balconies outwards. Moreovers, they add uniqueness and aesthetic integrity to the architectural ensemble. Posts can have a round or square shape, this choice depends on the style of the house.

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Log walls

Log walls are logs that are stacked alongside one above the other and interlocked at the corners. A groove cut in a longitudinal part of the logs is insulated with a special material made of linen, moss or mineral wool. There are several construction methods for these walls, each of them requires experience.

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Insulation between logs

Insulation between logs is used in order to seal joints between them; it prevents wood swelling and the growth of microorganisms, and insulates the room. Out of natural insulants jute, linen or sphagnum (peat moss) are most frequently used, out of artificial insulants - different types of wool.

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Exterior door

The right exterior door makes it possible to provide good thermal insulation of the rooms, improve fire safety in the house and, perhaps, impress the guests with its look. However, choosing among an enormous amount of doors on the market is only half the battle as it is necessary to correctly install this important element of the building.

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Window in a wooden house

Today only client’s imagination determines the size and shape of windows to be installed in their house. Experienced specialists can recommend the best manufacturer, a required level of insulation, and an optimal installation method.

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Platbands in a wooden house

Decorated platbands, detachable bands with carvings or ornaments add a unique touch to the exterior of your house. Moreover, they fulfil a practical function by closing gaps in window and door openings. In ancient Russia carvings on platbands served as a protective house talisman.

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Exterior stairs

Exterior stairs are usually used if a house is built on a sloped terrain or a high foundation, or has a basement. The external look of such stairs is determined by a client, but mandatory requirements include safety of its supporting structures and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

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House jack

Settling is a natural process that every building goes through, and a wooden house all the more so. To compensate settling and to preserve the stability of a structure, special house jacks - metal platforms with a height adjustment screw - are installed under support posts.

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Log balcony railing

Log balcony railing adds a sophisticated touch to a house ensemble and effortlessly complements its architectural elegance. To make a structure look lighter, figured openings are cut in the railing; these openings can be of any shape.

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Interior finishing

Interior doors in a wooden house

Beautiful, stylish and made of high-quality material, interior doors adorn any interior and accentuate the taste of house owners. Moreover, they save and distribute heat inside the house. To avoid misalignment and jamming, it is best to leave door installation to experts.

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Interior stairs

Interior stairs can be fixed and retractable. Fixed stairs are very convenient for moving loads inside a house as well as using them for their intended purpose. Retractable stairs are installed when it is necessary to save internal space or to provide access to rarely visited rooms.

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Interior support column

In the old days interior support columns were used only for practical purposes - to support a framework of a house. Today they often play an aesthetic role, bringing an element of anquitity or Art Nouveau into a home atmosphere.

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Design and installation of structural systems are extremely important tasks, which must be approached in earnest. As elements of such constructions, girders bear the load of the upper floor and rafters.

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Ceiling in a wooden house

It is not always possible to install a ceiling made of a fragile material due to the particularities of a wooden house ‘behaviour’ and its typical natural movements. Experts offer many interesting solutions to this problem, for example, cladding with untrimmed boards, panels and stretch fabric.

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Decorative balusters

Decorative balusters are used to support handrail elements of staircases and balconies. These posts can be manufactured from wood, metal, marble, steel or glass. The shape of balusters is limited only by what a client has in mind and how much they are willing to spend.

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Information about wooden house construction

There is a huge amount of information online that makes it possible to understand the structure of a wooden house, its purpose, functions and the construction order of its individual parts. As a rule, freely available materials are varied in character, often incomplete and containing mistakes due to the inaccuracies in the work of a writer, who is not familiar with subject of construction and has a poor understanding of the elements of wooden house structure and the construction process.

On the website of the North House company there is a selection of materials on this topic, written in a language that is easy to understand and approved by our experts. There are articles about the construction of wooden houses, and a list of finished projects that can be filtered by the parameters you are interested in. On the pages you will find information about the elements of a wooden house, technical data, illustrations and opinions of professionals, which you will find interesting

The articles published on our website are created for people who are not professional architects, builders or designers - for those who are planning to get their own home and are interested in everything related to its creation. Of course, in general, everyone is well aware of the structure of a wooden house - its appearance, layout. But it is worth trying to delve into details - and it becomes clear that you do not know enough about some elements of a wooden house.

Articles about the construction of wooden houses describe in detail the stages of construction, the specifics of work on each of them, the required materials. For more than 10 years the specialists of the Northern House company have worked in the construction of log buildings and log frame houses, therefore the information offered to your attention contains valuable tips to help you make choose particular material, the look of individual elements, the most accessible and efficient technology, and so on. We hope that the materials published on our website will help you to understand what is required to create a high-quality and convenient construction.

Help guide for prospective owners of wooden houses

Before you discuss the project with a specialist, you can determine the basic requirements for the type of construction, material, layout, decorative elements of a wooden house. The descriptions with photos, recommendations of experts will help you to create your own understanding of a prospective structure, correctly explain all your wishes to the contractor and come to an understanding with everyone involved.

After reading the articles about the structural elements of a wooden house that you are interested in, you will not only learn about the types of foundation, but you will be able to decide which foundation is more suitable for your building, navigate the diverse selection of construction materials and monitor the progress of work at every stage of the house construction.

We hope that our articles about wooden houses will help you make the right choice and find a house, in which you and your loved ones will feel comfortable. We will be happy to assist you in creating your dream home!

We are open to dialogue, and you can always count on our warm attitude. Please, visit us - we certainly have something to be proud of and what to offer to your attention.

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