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Terrace and balcony flooring

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between interior floor and floors (a terrace, an open balcony) that are exposed to the external environment (precipitation, ultraviolet light). You should also consider how you are using a house:

  • you reside here permanently (the temperature and humidity levels inside the house show small fluctuations);
  • or you stay here only in summer (in winter the house freezes, the humidity levels decrease, while in the summer it warms up and the humidity levels return to normal);
  • extreme temperature conditions (a bathhouse, a sauna - where temperature fluctuates between - 20 and + 120 ° С).

Based on these parameters, you need to pay attention to the quality of materials used for the flooring and their physical properties.

Thus, larch wood is the most versatile material for flooring both inside the rooms and out on the terraces. Its unique texture and look will be a suitable match for a wooden house and will be extension. The density and composition of this wood species make larch incredibly resistant to environmental influences. The city of Venice famously stands on larch piles and is yet to go under water.

The most suitable floors for a bathhouse are, of course, made of hardwood. This is primarily due to its  low resin content. High temperatures cause the resin to melt and emerge on the floors, benches and walls. The most unpleasant thing is the resin stains on the surfaces with which you come into contact while using a bathhouse or a sauna.

Flooring for open terraces and balconies has some distinct features. For example, such floors sometimes have  longitudinal grooves.

They are designed in such a way, so that the water does not accumulate in puddles on the floors and flows down the grooves. So, when you step on such floors, you will not find yourself in a puddle and risk falling from the first floor balcony of your wooden house. 

You can see the examples of floors made from one wood or another on our VKontakte page.

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