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Ground floor flooring

Nowadays there are no restrictions and limits for ground floor flooring in a log house, wooden house or bathhouse. All types of flooring are used in the construction of country properties. You can use ceramic flooring - tiles, polymer flooring, glass; natural materials - tongue and groove panels, parquet; and artificial materials - laminate, linoleum and others. There is a designer and custom coating, combined from natural material in the form of sawed transverse discs of a tree trunk and polymer that fills the gaps between the discs. The treatment used for floor covering made of natural materials is also quite diverse. It may be just a varnish or stain. There may be mechanical processing in the form of artificial aging of the tree. During mechanical aging of a tree with a metal brush, soft layers of wood are cut out, which in natural conditions are cut out with grains of sand, with the feet of thousands of people who have passed through these floors aging the floors.

It should be noted that the only significant difference in the flooring is a different foundation for a different type of coating.

For example, a tongue (a floorboard with a longitudinal groove on one side and a longitudinal tongue on the other) is of a different thickness, usually 30 mm. This thickness of the tongue allows you to lay the tongue immediately on the sex lags. Sex lags are stacked with a frequency of 600 mm. Between them, waterproofing, vapor barrier and heat insulation are arranged.

To use the flooring in the form of laminate, floorboard, you need a foundation of a flat flat material. For these purposes shields of plywood or pressed wood chips up to 30 mm thick are used. The substrate is already laid on top of polystyrene, or polyethylene foam, or cork chips, on which a laminate or parquet board is already laid.

When using tile or other polymeric materials, the base should also be smooth and flat. As such a base, a DSP is used, on which floor heating can be arranged, a concrete screed is placed on top, on which a tile or polymer is already laid.

Our company will help you to choose the best type of flooring for your wooden house, taking into account its purpose, the characteristics of the environment and your wishes. The main principles that are invariably applied when choosing any floor covering are environmental friendliness, practicality and quality of materials and work.

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