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Exterior door

An exterior door of a wooden house is virtually its signature. One way or another, all guests who visit you stand in front of your wooden house door and involuntarily pay closer attention.

Nowadays there is an extensive choice of exterior doors made from various materials. Both interior and exterior doors have different purposes. Focusing on modern realities, manufacturers of exterior doors adhere to certain standards of durability and quality, regardless of the material they use.  As a result, the main thing that you should look at when choosing an exterior door for your wooden house or bathhouse is its appearance. Tastes differ, as they say, so it is up to you to choose what your door will look like. The main requirement, by which you should judge an exterior door, is its thermal conductivity. During the installation process, it is important to pay special attention to precision, taking into account the house settling.

For our part, we can give you advice on how to choose a quality product, because there are enough doors of poor quality on the market. In trying to reduce manufacturing costs in order to lower prices of doors, some companies start scrimping on materials, which they use to manufacture their product.

In addition to choosing an exterior door itself, our experts will help you to install it properly. As was already mentioned in the section about casing, the main thing during the installation of  doors and windows is high-quality casing, to which an exterior door and windows are subsequently fastened, as otherwise, if you fix the door or windows directly onto the sides of the logs, then the house will settle along with your door, and it will simply jam or break down. Sometimes, when the casing on door and window openings is too hard, the logs will get stuck on it, forming gaps between the logs rows and deforming walls in the process.

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