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Window in a wooden house

The technological development has significantly expanded the use of windows or various designs and sizes in wooden houses and log buildings nowadays. For example, in the past windows used to be small, because they were the main cause of heat loss, while glass was not even glass - it was made from a bovine bladder. Nowadays you can install multi-pane insulated glass windows that allow minimal heat loss, and create large panoramic windows in a house, even in wooden one. All you need is choose a window design.

A window is not only glass, but also a frame and a way, in which it is installed in a house, with or without notches. There are also many ways to decorate window openings outside the house. It can be traditional platbands or carved platbands with intricate patterns. There are a lot of stories about platbands around the world. In some countries platbands and window openings attract a lot of attention. They are painted certain colours in view of an existing belief that a particular colour wards off evil spirits. In some countries platbands were decorated with protective ornaments.

It should be noted that it is very important to correctly install windows in a wooden log house using high-quality casing.

Shutters are quite an interesting solution for a wooden house. They are a very useful addition to your wooden house in the northern latitudes. Sometimes the long white nights just do not let you fall asleep because of the light, but you are loath to weigh the interior of the rooms down with dark curtains.

The North House company will install windows in your wooden house, bathhouse or cottage in line with all the technologies, whose quality meets the most stringent requirements.

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