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Platbands in a wooden house

A platband is a decorative element of a window or door opening. They are usually made of detachable milled timber with carvings or ornaments. In addition to their decorative functions, platbands also have a practical purpose. They close gaps between a window, a door and a window or door opening respectively.

виды наличников

Platbands are quite common in Russia; they have played a very important role since the old days, especially in Vologda and Samara regions. They served as a signature of a house, accentuating the wealth of its owners.

Decorative carving is a deliberate message and a protective talisman that is designed to protect the inhabitants of the house from evil spirits. It is not clear, in which regions the origin of these wooden carvings derives from paganism and protection against evil, in which areas they are based on church carvings and where they stand for something else entirely. Nowadays, this is just an original and useful finishing element of a wooden house.

Platband ornaments

As a proponent of Norwegian traditions in construction, our company North House makes platbands for handcrafted log houses using existing traditional Norwegian ornaments;  we can also make platbands based on your sketches of ornaments. We will help you to build a house that will give you unforgettable memories and experiences for every single moment you spend inside.

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