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Interior stairs

Interior stairs are designed to provide easy access to the first or mansard floor of your wooden house, cottage or bathhouse without leaving the room.

Stairs for indoor areas can be fixed or retractable.

внутренняя лестницавнутренняя лестница

Retractable stairs

A wide range of retractable stairs is available in various construction and specialised stores. You can also buy fixed stairs there.

раскладная лестницараскладная лестница

Retractable stairs have some advantages. The main one is their compact design. These stairs are installed in the overlap between floors and fold out  to reveal a light construction. It is relatively easy to climb these stairs. It is practically impossible to lift any bulky and heavy items upstairs. These stairs are mainly used for first floor rooms, which are rarely visited, such as attics and temporary rooms.

Fixed stairs

Fixed stairs available in stores are usually made of steel. They comprise separate blocks, which are assembled in various combinations. However, there are also wooden stairs. They are manufactured in line with certain standards and sizes and can often be unsuitable for custom-designed rooms.

стационарная лестницастационарная лестница

Choosing a staircase is a matter of taste and design of your wooden house. It might be slightly more advantageous to build a fixed stairway with our company. The North House company can manufacture fixed stairs, which will seamlessly fit into the indoor areas of your wooden house, log house, bathhouse or cottage. Such stairs will complement the interior of your country house or cottage.

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