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Interior doors in a wooden house

Interior doors in any room of a wooden house, cottage, bathhouse and generally any building fulfil several functions. The first and perhaps the most understandable function is to hide from the outside the inner space of a room. The second is to provide a thermal barrier.

Heat efficiency - this means that if you have a large enough house and few people inhabit it in winter, it is enough to effectively heat only the room, in which you live. This room will get warm faster, and you will undoubtedly save on heating if the interior doors of the house are properly installed. Why heat the entire house, if you are spending just a weekend here in a small company. The first floor of the house is also isolated, so that not all the heat goes up to the first floor, which is not used during the cold season.

When it comes to choosing interior doors, it is a matter of taste and nothing more. Nowadays the existing market offers an enormous variety of interior doors that differ in design and decoration. It is up to you to choose a suitable option with the right colour, material, structure and price.

In turn, we would like to remind you that it is characteristic of a wooden house to settle for some time. The logs shrink and fit more closely, while the wood dries and contracts. It is important to install exterior and interior doors onto casing that is attached to guide bars, which slide freely in the shrinkage groove in the sides of the window and door openings.

It can be at times so annoying when a door does not close or jams easily. To close the door, you have to push it forcefully. Our specialists will install the interior doors of your choice in line with all the rules and standards. You will never experience door jamming caused by house settlement, or the misalignment of the interior doors.

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