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Floor waterproofing on the ground floor

Ground-floor rooms in wooden houses, bathhouses and cottages built from round-logs and two-edged cant as well as wooden frame houses, just as house made from milled timber, brick, foam concrete, are usually subject to high humidity due to their proximity to the ground level and the basement. Evaporating naturally, the moisture rises along the walls of the foundation, and gets through the floors into the living quarters of your house. Sometimes, especially in cold weather, it is not always possible to provide regular and continuous ventilation of the living quarters in a wooden house or a log house. If the waterproofing of the above-grade flooring or the floors of the ground floor in a log house or a frame house is insufficient, then the floor covering of the ground floor is affected by high humidity. In addition to the floor covering, it affects everything that is prone to rotting. Mould appears indoors, which, in addition to everything else, negatively affects health.

Waterproofing the floors on the ground floor is not an easy task. Depending on the type of foundation, waterproofing in a wooden house should be carried out using different technologies. For example, if your foundation is a solid slab, then coating based waterproofing technology is used. This technology includes applying waterproofing elastic materials based on bitumen or polymers on a prepared concrete surface. Such a surface is usually cleaned from dirt and crumbling concrete. It is usually covered with leveling mixtures, which tend to spread in a uniform layer over the surface. This leveled surface is primed, treated with antiseptics, and then a waterproofing mastic is applied to it.

Given the fact lightweight foundations can be used in the construction of wooden houses, log cabins from round logs and two-edged cant as well as frame houses, then the waterproofing method for ground floor rooms is slightly different. The basements of such structures are usually cold, while the flooring girders are supported only in some places, so first of all, it is necessary to organise natural ventilation in such foundations. Moreover, the lower edge of the flooring should be no higher than the upper edge of the vent. In such cases, the subfloor, which is laid on the floor beams, is treated with various mastics, antiseptics and polymer coatings that are resistant to moisture, rotting, fungal infections and various insects, which can destroy the wood of the floor covering. The waterproofing itself is set up on the subfloor, thermal insulation is installed above it, onto which a levelled base and floor covering are mounted. The basic principle of waterproofing of such structure is the creation of ventilated interlayers, through which the accumulated excess moisture is forced outside, and the waterproofing layer itself, which does not let moisture into the ground floor rooms.

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