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Girders are elements of a structural frame of any building, including a wooden house or bathhouse. They bear the load of the upper floor, attic or rafters. For this reason, they are subject to certain standards of quality.

Some examples of such requirements can be found in the calculation table:

Beam section for a span, m.
Load kg/running metre 3,0 3,5 4,0 4,5 5,0 5,5 6,0
150 5×14 5×16 6×18 8×18 8×20 10×20 10×22
200 5×16 5×18 7×18 7×20 10×20 12×22 14×22
250 6×16 6×18 7×20 10×20 12×20 14×22 16×22
350 7×16 7×18 8×20 10×22 12×22 16×22 20×22

Wooden girders are usually constructed in detached and low-rise residential buildings, wooden cottages and summer houses. The above-grade flooring consists of a load-bearing girder, floor, filling between beams and a separate layer (ceiling).

As a rule, girders are placed at 0.6 - 1m intervals. It depends on the structure of the above-grade flooring. When it comes to floors, subfloor sheathing can be installed onto the beams, and then floor covering is mounted onto the subfloor sheathing; in this case, the recommended gap between them should not exceed 1 metre. If a plank floor (made of planks with thickness of up to 28 mm) is laid directly onto the girders, then the distance between them should be about 0.5m. Wooden girders are usually used to cover a span of up to 4 - 4.5m. Once again, these spans can vary depending on the section width.

The specialists who work at the North House manufacture and install load-bearing structural elements in line with all the requirements set for such structures. You can be sure of the quality of work. We install beams that significantly exceed design parameters, which makes the structures of our wooden houses more durable and stable. We make them from round logs or large timber. In addition to having an original look, solid and sturdy flooring serves exceptionally as a reliable supporting structure.

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