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Ceiling in a wooden house

Of course, in the old days people believed that not every ceiling covering is suitable for a wooden house, but now there are technologies that make it possible to achieve a desired result, so choosing a certain ceiling covering for a wooden house has become simply a matter of taste. Let's start with the simplest solutions.

First of all, we should certainly consider tongue and groove siding. You can simply clad a ceiling with tongue and groove siding, or, as an option, paint it any suitable colour.  Light-coloured ‘bleached oak” looks pretty good.

Next, we should mention a ceiling covering that is most frequently used in our building and in Scandinavia, from where we have borrowed this technology, - unedged board. Planed unedged boards are used for finishing, which involves closing uneven joints between boards with the same type of board, albeit with its wide surface to the ceiling.

Then, we can mention various panelling.

It is just as easy to install stretch ceilings in a wooden house as the ceiling material has its own elastic properties, so when the size of a ceiling changes due to wood shrinkage and settlement, a stretch ceiling expands along with those changes.

It is also possible to install ceilings made of fragile materials, but unlike the materials discussed above, they require a carefully prepared base, for instance, for drywalls. This base needs to be affixed to the house separately, so that the natural movements of the house do not put pressure on the fragile material of the ceiling covering.

We can talk a lot more about the various ceiling solutions that can be implemented in a wooden house, but the structure of our houses always offers a classic country house choice - solid ceiling beams.

With all the wealth of current options for ceiling covering, the choice remains yours. Our specialists will help you to realise any of your preferences for ceiling finishing.

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