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Log beams

Log beams are the bearing element of a wooden house, bathhouse, cottage. This design can carry loads up to several tons. In the construction of a house, these are logs or beams of other sections, which in our constructions are cut into gables. Subsequently, a finished ceiling, the part of the roof that we see inside the room when we look to the top, is laid on the log slips. Next, perpendicular to the slopes, the roof lags are laid on top, between the lag is insulation, on top of the sheathing and roofing. Depending on the type of roofing, the weight of the roof can be up to 800 kg per 1m² of roof. We make beams from round logs or from a laft. For log logs are chosen especially carefully. Thickness may come down to 40 cm on average.

The legs have spikes along the upper edge, parallel to the plane of the planned roof. The large contact area provides for a more dense lay of various parts of the structure, in particular the ceiling covering (fair or rough ceiling).

By themselves, massive beams in the house provide a unique look. A certain fundamental nature of the ceiling gives a sense of reliability and comfort of the home as a whole. In addition, reliability came down allows you to use them as the basis for almost any decor. Even for heavy, for which, under normal conditions, would have to carry out work to strengthen the structure.

Powerful beams have a significant margin of safety. This massiveness is not only a decoration, it is actually a reliable supporting structure. Even in the most snowy winters, you can be sure that your roof will not break under a two-meter layer of wet snow. As an option on such a roof, you can arrange additional recreation areas. For example, if you make a rather sloping roof, arrange a lawn as a cover, then you can easily take sunbathing on such a roof without fear of damaging the roof structure.

In our company, we make beams with a large margin of safety, in some cases, at times exceeding the required parameters applicable to load-bearing wooden structures. Contact us and we can choose the best options for you.

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