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Casing production

Casing is used mainly in wooden houses built from round logs or two-edged cant.

We have gained extensive experience in the construction of casing. Practice has shown that making casing from a dry solid board is not correct. Casing width must match the wall thickness of a wooden house. It can be from 210 mm for a two-edged cant house and up to 250 mm (including notches) for a  round-log house. Since throughout its service life the wood absorbs and emits moisture, over time such a wide board begins to curve. Therefore, we manufacture our casing from 45mm thick glulam boards. The purpose of casing is to close the sides of the window and door openings, due to the gaps left on the sides, and the upper shrinkage gap; insulation is installed between the casing and the wall of the house for the entire width of the wall, using only soft insulator. The window itself is installed onto the casing using mounting foam, into the groove made in the casing, whose depth corresponds to the thickness of the window. It also includes a 50mm wide window sill. The cost of 1m² casing starts at 3200 rubles. This price includes: making casing from 45 mm glulam boards, studding of joints at the corners, a 50mm window sill for the inside of the house. If you have additional wishes for casing production, for example: knot-free materials, painting your desired colour, installation of casing and windows into the openings, manufacturing platbands, non-rectangular shaped casing, it will be a bit more expensive, and should be discussed separately.

Casing is necessary for three reasons:

Casing is affixed to a jamb that is fitted into a groove of a window opening. This creates a sliding construction, which prevents the casing fastenings from breaking while the house settles. During the manufacturing of casing, opening height is taken into account, and 4-6% of the height is detracted, depending on log moisture. Soft thermal insulation is used for the upper gap. When the house is settling, the insulator contracts without any consequences for windows or doors. All these minutiae make it possible to expertly install windows in a wooden house.

Casing conceals vertical and horizontal log ends and simultaneously serves as a windowsill; as a result, you have a fully formed window or door opening. Exterior and interior platbands are attached to casing. It allows you to forget about house settling in the future and avoid changing platbands every six months, which would be the case if they were affixed directly to the house.

This casing construction is designed to install window and door frame units into the corresponding openings as independent of the occurring house settlement as possible. It also gives a pleasant finished look to the openings. Consequences of an incorrectly manufactured and installed casing may become apparent only a year later.

Possible styles of platbands:

You can commission us to manufacture casing and platbands of any complexity and size.

External platbands in a wooden house are made of dry planed boards with a thickness of 30 mm. The use of thinner platbands will lead to their deformation over time. We manufacture any platbands, from classically plane to carved. Choosing the look of platbands depends on the style of a house and the wishes of a customer. The prices for platbands start from 300 rubles per 1 running metre.

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