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Youngs. Spruce log frame house 119m²


Type of building: Canadian house building

Type of structure: House

Material: Spruce

Total area sq.m.: 119.00м2

I want this house

Living room – 24m²

Bedroom – 11.8m²

Bathroom – 4.6m²

Hallway – 5m²

Entrance hall – 3.8m²

Boiler room – 3.8m²

Porch – 6.7m²

Bedroom – 14m²

Bedroom – 16m²

Hall – 13.1m²

Bedroom –16m²

All areas are measured along the inner perimeter of the walls.

Total area includes the terrace.

Building type: House

Material: 32-36cm diameter logs

Construction type: Log house

Total area: 119m² internal floor area

This house built from spruce logs will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. It has a cosy interior, and looks sturdy and reliable. The ground floor comprises a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom, an entrance hall, a hallway, a bathroom and a boiler room. The mansard floor is divided into three bedrooms and a rather spacious hall, where you set up a common recreation area. A large 20.9m² covered terrace that adjoins the living room will become a favourite place for the whole family to relax during the warm season.

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