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Kuzminka. Pine two-edged cant house 120m²


Type of building: Two-edged cant houses

Type of structure: House

Material: Pine

Total area sq.m.: 120.00м2

I want this house

Boiler room – 6.9m²

Bedroom – 14.7m²

Hall – 14.6m²

Porch – 5.6m²

Bathroom – 4.4m²

Kitchen – 8.6m²

Living room – 28.7m²

Terrace – 9.7m²

Bedroom – 12.9m²

Bedroom – 13.7m²

All areas are measured along the inner perimeter of the walls.

Total area includes the terrace.

Building type: House

Material: 21cm two-edged cant

Construction type: Log house

Total area: 120m² internal floor area

Two-edged cant houses combine durability and eco-friendliness of log houses with elegance and design simplicity of houses built from dimensional timber. Such a material as two-edged cant is convenient to use, because it makes it possible to save the internal space of the house without compromising on durability and thermal insulation properties. To achieve the best result, two-edged cant must be dried properly. There will never be any dampness and mould in the house made of correctly dried two-edged cant. During the house construction, we always take shrinkage of two-edged cant into consideration, because its quality equals the quality of the houses we build.

The ground floor of this log house built from pine two-edged cant contains rooms for general use (a living room with a dining area, a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom) and a double bedroom, which can serve as a guest room. There is a special room for a boiler room - this improves fire safety and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. The mansard floor is divided into two bedrooms. The covered terrace will become a favourite place for children’s games and parties outdoors.

All wooden house projects available on our website have been designed to meet specific customers' requirements and needs. If you like any particular project, you can request it in its entirety. Alternatively, based on the project of your choice, we can make changes to the inner layout and exterior view of a wooden house.
The production cost of a new project is 250 rubles per 1m² of the total area.



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